Valid from January 1, 2022

All prices are without DPH (tax)

Price are by agreement and calculated individually based on the number of documents dealt with, the number of accountancy items in documents and consultations. There is the option of either a monthly flat fee, an individual accountancy item fee or an hourly flat fee. Prices for the dispense of advice and the preparation of tax returns and tax accounting are exclusive of VAT.

Accountancy administration

Complete accountancy administrationCZK 925/hr
Economic and accountancy consultancyCZK 1070/hr
Other accountancy administration, assistance with cashflow, stock-taking/inventory and stock registration, internal company rules, providing balance sheet and profit and loss statements, AGM minutes representing your firm at state authorities and preparing annual balancesCZK 925/hr

Tax consultancy, expert assistance

Tax consultancyCZK 2150/hr
Representation at state authoritiesCZK 2150/hr
Representation during a tax auditCZK 3560/hr
Tax documentation administration for a tax auditCZK 1350/hr

Financial reporting and preparation of tax returns

Real estate tax return administrationCZK 1070/hr
Sole trader income tax return preparationfrom CZK 1350
Corporate entity income tax return and administrationfrom CZK 2500

Payroll management and Personnel services

Complete payroll management 
DPP (Contract for short-term employment excluding employment insurance)
CZK 300-500 per employee
Complete payroll management 
DPČ (Contract for short-term employment including employment insurance)
CZK 300-500 per employee
Other services 
(registering and de-registering employees with state authorities, Confirmation of income for social rates, income Confirmation of employment tax administration, annual income tax administration for employees and company, filling in of annual statistical company statements, administration of documentation requested by courts and the employment office, filling in documents required for employee’s consumer lending, administration of old-age pension scheme registration, employee history/overview, tax withholding, representation at state authorities, retirement pension application administration)
CZK 780/hr
Representation at stat authorities regarding work obligationCZK 1070/hr