AZ CREDIT provides accountancy at the client’s request: 

  • Done externally in AZ CREDIT ‘s premises 
  • In client’s premises – by AZ CREDIT staff and/or consulting services 
  • Services can be provided both on and off-site via internet 

Interest in accountancy administration using accounting software and with external access has increased in the last few years. In these cases, the client inputs its own documents followed by an AZ CREDIT accountant visiting the client‘s premises to oversee the process. Accountancy and payroll management is done without the necessity of on-site personal visits by AZ Credit. This advanced cooperation requires the client to have a basic knowledge of his/her company‘s administration procedures and to coordinate these activities with AZ Credit representatives. An advantage is that the client is not limited by not having his/her actual accounting data and non-availability of their documents. 

AZ CREDIT uses a comprehensive accountancy programme called Premier System.